Visual Programming

Rely on drag & drop interface to compose pipeline freely. Pack your own module with minimal efforts. Rich out-of-box modules that support advanced analytics.

Ready For Big Data

Seamlessly integration with MR, HIVE, Pig, R .etc. Connect big data infrastructures.


Copy&Paste fan? Project and module sharing across team. Enjoy building your big data applications collaboratively!

Operation Excellence

See the production pipeline live! Unify resource, optimize workload and automation, committed to reduce your operation burden.

Machine Learning

Classifier, decision tree, logistic regression, we got you covered. Machine learning has never been so easier. Start to power up your business with predictive analytics today.

Everything In Container

All modules are running in Docker container to support the sophisticated pipeline, no matter it is offline, online or streaming.

Flexible Deployment

DataCanvas can be deployed in the way that fits your requirement and budget best, from shared tenant on public, dedicated tenant to private deployment.

Work For Everyone

No matter you are a data scientist, engineer or analyst, DataCanvas helps you to be more productive.

Why DataCanvas?

Analytical visualization besides data visualization, put the decision maker back to the driver seat


Self-service platform to eliminate data plumber job, let team focus on high-value tasks


Engineer, scientist, analyst work on the same page, connect analytics, data and people


How It Works

The first step to use DataCanvas is to deploy a tenant on your preferred cloud service provider. After you sign up, please follow the instructions to create your private tenant, or you can simply access Playground tenant to explore DataCanvas. We encourage you to test drive before making any decision.

Intuitive drag & drop interface to compose data pipeline in workspace. Data ETL, your favorite machine learning algorithms, advanced analytics are clicks away.

Scheduling, parallel execution and job provision provide a solid engineering platform. All data choas are managed as an online document.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DataCanvas?

DataCanvas is an orchestration platform that helps people to build, manage and share data pipelines. It provides an visualized interface to compose data pipeline that can support advanced analytics, across all your big data infrastructures. It’s a one stop solution to empower your big data strategy.

What value does DataCanvas bring?

It is a control tower to drastically simplify your data engineering. It enables data science to non-scientists. The orchestration engine let you automate across infrastructures. DataCanvas is also a collaboration hub that improves the productivity of your team. Last but not least, it enables advanced analytics at a faction of cost and time of other options around.

Who should use DataCanvas?

Anyone works with data analytics could enjoy the benefits of DataCanvas. If you are a data scientist, DataCanvas helps to iterate faster. If you are a engineer, DataCanvas helps to deliver the pipelines fast. If you are an analyst, you could enjoy the analytic results with zero programming. If you are working on data pipeline Ops, DataCanvas offers facilities to make your life easier.

Does DataCanvas use proprietary format to save modules?

No. We built DataCanvas to be an open and interoperable platform. All the modules are stored as standard docker image, which allows you to run it virtually anywhere. You can also import/export projects and modules.

How to try out DataCanvas?

Please sign up and you will see detailed instructions, which allow you to enjoy our playground or start your private tenant on public cloud. DataCanvas also allows private deployment. Please contact us for private deployment support.

How much do you charge for DataCanvas?

DataCanvas is under beta and we don’t charge for our beta service. But you should be aware of the cost associated with DataCanvas. If you are deploying a tenant on public cloud, you are responsible for the costs on virtual machine, network and storage from cloud service provider. We will share out detailed pricing once Datacanvas moves out of beta.

Which public cloud could DataCanvas be deployed on?

Currently, we support AWS. We have a plan to support Windows Azure and Google Compute Engine in near future.

How does DataCanvas work?

Please refer the information on our website. Actually the simplest way to get the answer is : sign up and experience by yourself!

What is playbook service?

Playbook is a great way to apply advanced analytics on data pipelines. We provide services to make the playbook that you can instantly get the advanced analytics you want, such as recommendation, fraud detection, churn reduction and etc.

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